CD’s & IRA’s

CD’s & IRA’s

Set aside money for a set term and get a better return on your money than with a savings account. We offer a wide variety of terms to fit your circumstances, and great interest rates to make sure you make the most of every dollar! 

Certificate of Deposits (CD’s)

The minimum deposit to open a Certificate of Deposit is $5,000.00. Please speak with a banker for current interest rate schedule to determine the interest rate and annual percentage yield on the types of Certificates of Deposit listed below:

  • Single maturity, automatic renewable, and variable rate CD
  • Automatic Renewable CD
  • Variable Rate CD

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s)

If you want your retirement to live up to your financial expectations, you can rely on one individual: you.

With an IRA, you can make tax-favored contributions for yourself from the first year you begin working until the age of 70 and ½. And, during both your working years and your retirement, you can manage your IRA assets according to your personal needs and circumstances.