Personal Savings Accounts

Personal Savings Accounts

Health Savings Account

  • Open the account with only $25 and add up to yearly limits
  • One-time set-up fee $15
  • No service charge with $5000 monthly balance
  • Earns interest
  • May have a debit card and checks
  • Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs, are tax-favored consumer savings arrangements for individuals and families covered by high deductible health plans (HDHPs). An HAS is an IRA-like account that is designed exclusively for covering medical expenses incurred by the HAS owner, the HAS owner’s spouse and his or her dependents.
  • HAS contributions (by the HAS owner) are excluded from taxable income. HAS earnings are tax-deferred. If used for qualified medical expenses, HAS assets are never taxed

HDHP Single Plan Coverage $3,500 $3,550
HDHP Family Plan Coverage $7,000 $7,100

Regular Savings

Savings begins at any age. From our First Savers Account to our Money Markets, we’re sure that we can get you into a plan that will make investing for the future simple. We’ll help you invest, because we are invested in you. The instest is a bonus.

  • Open with $25 and add as you go
  • No service fees with $100 monthly balance
  • No limit to the number of in-person, ATM or by mail transfers
  • Online or phone ACH transactions are limited to 6 per month

Money Market Savings

  • Tiered savings rates
  • No service charge with $1000 average monthly balance
  • Total of 6 checks to a third party, ACH transactions or telephone or internet transfers are allowed per month

No limit to the number of in-person, ATM or by mail transfers;

Christmas Club

Open the account with as little as $5 and add to it as much as you want

  • Receive the full balance by October 31st

Account may have no withdrawals. If a withdrawal is required prior to October 31st, the full amount in the account must be withdrawn.

First Savers

  • Savings account for those up to age 18
  • Upon 18th birthday, the account will convert to a regular savings account
  • No minimum deposit to open account
  • No monthly service fees
  • Limited to 6 withdrawals per month